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Shower Repair Greater London

Need Shower Repairs in Greater London? Then look no further than Bicecathe Shower Repair Experts. Check out our range of Shower Repair services across Greater London (West, North West, South West & Central). Either pre-book your jobs or require an immediate plumber for shower repair emergencies. 



On Time

Leaking Shower Repair in Greater London

Need a professional shower repair service in Greater London? We take care of all broken and leaking showers. We endeavor to be reliable, efficient and on time, and treat every customer with respect.

Leaking showers can turn into a bigger problem if left unattended. Whether it’s a leaking shower valve, a leaking shower base, a leak behind shower tiles or any other shower leak, we got you covered.

If you don’t repair the shower leaks as soon as possible, there is a risk of further damage. Water could damage your floors, carpets, ceilings and the structure of your home. So don’t leave any leaks too late and get in contact with us at the earliest moment.

Electric Shower Repair in Greater London

Electric showers are efficient and reliable. But sometimes a fault develops and they need repairing. If your electric shower is leaking when turned off, or leaking from the bottom, then our qualified shower repair specialists are at hand.

Our plumbers are registered, fully qualified and above all, highly experienced in all types of showers. They have what it takes to offer a reliable electric shower repair service throughout Greater London.

Call us on the below number or contact us via the contact form. We have the latest tools and equipment and years of expertise, so you can rest assured your electric shower repairs will be done to the highest industry standards.

Shower Leaking Through Ceiling in Greater London

Is your upstairs shower leaking through the ceiling? The leak can cause insurmountable damage to your home and bring about mould growth, putting the health of your loved ones at risk. Drawing on years of experience and leveraging state of the art equipment, we shall help detect the leakage and repair it in no time in Greater London

We can also detect and repair:

  • Water leak behind shower wall.
  • Shower tray leaking through ceiling.
  • Shower tile leaking through wall.

And much more.

Leaking Shower Head Repair in Greater London

Got a leaking shower head in Greater London? We provide homeowners and businesses with comprehensive shower head repair service across all of Greater London. Don’t let that shower head continuously leak. Get one of our professional plumbers to repair it with quality parts.

Blocked Shower Drains & Other Shower Repairs

We also repair all other shower related problems in Greater London. These include, but not limited to:

  • Blocked Shower Drain repair
  • Clogged Shower Drain repair
  • Leaking shower screens
  • Shower base repair
  • Shower door repair
  • Shower handle repair
  • Shower pan repair
  • Shower tile repair
  • Shower valve repair

And much more.

Emergency Shower Repair in Greater London

We also offer a same day priority emergency shower repair service. We aim to reach all emergency plumbing calls between 30 to 90 minutes.

This is service is a must if your shower leak is out of control, and the shower is leaking through the ceiling. So if you have a shower plumbing emergency, then please call us on the below number.

What Makes Us Stand Out in Greater London?

Top Quality – We understand that shower repairs need to be rectified promptly to prevent further damage. We use quality replacement parts, not cheap knockoffs.

Emergency Service – Sometimes your shower leak may require urgent attention. That’s why we offer a rapid shower emergency service throughout Greater London

Experienced Plumbers – With over 25 years of experience, you can be rest assured that we know our trade inside out.

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